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Active Directory Server (Windows 2003 R2) unable to boot after Installing Symantec System Recovery 2013

Hi Everyone,


We successfully deploy SSR 2013 on Windows Server 2003 R2 but problem arised when we try to deploy it on an Active Directory Server.

After successful installation, the server requires a reboot. But when we reboot it, the server failed to boot on Windows.

What we do is to uninstall the SSR 2013 so that it can boot properly. We try other vesion of SSR like 2011 but same error occurs.

The credential we used on installing SSR has an administrator rights.

I would like to know if SSR 2013 and 2011 has compatibility problem on Active Directory and what we can do to fix it?

Thanks in advance..:)

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We have also SSR 2013

We have also SSR 2013 installed on our DCs but they are rebooting fine. And since also SSR 2011 makes some problems I think there is another reason for your problems. Whats the actual error message?

Hello how are you? I will

Hello how are you? I will comment that I eh SSR 2013 installed without problems in an environment with the features you mention and worked smoothly. I commented that possibly something else like server maintenance. What I recommend before doing the migration or installation of the solution re ask or make a pre-launch. Because if not set up before is because the server has a problem and discard it so the new version. Now one of the best practices is before migrating any version RESTORATION MAKE A POINT just in case something happens like this. I hope I helped with my answer and I mention again that so far there is an incompatibility issue.

@Markus: No error message

@Markus: No error message appear. When we installed SSR, it installed completely. But when we reboot the server as it requires, it can't boot properly.

So what exactly does mean it

So what exactly does mean it can't boot properly ?Can you describe that more in details please ?

Once i reboot it, you can

Once i reboot it, you can only see a black screen.

I think you'd better open a

I think you'd better open a case with Symantec to find out what is going wrong.

I already open a case to

I already open a case to Symantec and talked to their technical support. He said that SSR Management Console doesn't work on Active Directory server. He said that we can only install agent on Active Directory server and not the Management Console. But as we experienced, the first thing we did is the push install and local installed of SSR agent and the error was the same.

I scheduled again the deployment tomorrow evening and do what they advice.

I will post it what happen after the deployment. Thanks Markus for the adive..:)

advice i mean..:)

advice i mean..:)

Hh this is not true, SSR

Hh this is not true, SSR works and is supported on DCs. I'd ask for another technician.

The symantec technical

The symantec technical support send me this link.


Please find attached and

Please find attached and install as per instructions. This may help.




The article talks about the

The article talks about the Management Solution NOT the SSR Agent or the SSR Agent console. Do you try to install the management solution ?

Please update !

Please update !

Nope. I haven't try yet. The

Nope. I haven't try yet. The continuation of this deployment is scheduled next week and will give you an update regarding this.


By the way, we have another deployment of SSR 2013 on 3 new server (IBM x3650 M4 with Windows 2008 R2). The installation was succesful but when we reboot the system, it has bluescreen error  0x0000007B (0xFFFFF880009A9928, 0xFFFFFFFFC0000034, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000). at first, the drives cannot be found but when we load the driver of controller, the drives are now detected but still it can't boot properly even in safe mode and using the last known good configuration.

Does anyone experienced it? We don't have any recovery image of the servers to restore and our client needed the files on 1 of the servers badly.

Thanks in advance.:)

The problem seems to be due

The problem seems to be due to the incompatibility of some drivers disk controller. What brand and model of the controller? The server gets the boot in safe mode? If so try uninstalling the Symantec product SSR and also disable all its services. So try to boot back into normal mode. If you came to this point, try to update with all possible upgrades and service packs that are available-and even update the drivers and firmware controllor discs. Finally, try to re-install SSR.

Hi All,   We follow what

Hi All,


We follow what symantec technical support advice us, to install SSR 2013 agent on Domain server (Windows 2003) but still black screen appear after restart.

Does anyone encountered this scenario?