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Administrator doesn't have permission to restore Users Directory to New Server

We have a folderRedirect for all Users and they are the explicit owner of the folder.  I am restoring the entire directory to a new folder on a completely different Server and it will NOT copy the files over.    I mounted the directory and tried to use Xcopy to copy them over and I get a "permissions" error.  I don't want to go through and use icacls to take ownership  and grant rights to Administrator.  Which Symantec tool should copy over the files with permissions in tact?  Since I nor the Symantec Service account (domain admins) don't have access "Granular Restore" tool is not working.  It only restore a few folders that Domain Admin is the CO-OWNER of.  


The new folder has Administrator with full rights (Do I need to remove that?)


Thanks for your assistance!




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I'm confused: How would you

I'm confused: How would you use the GRO tool? Are you mounting the restore point as e.g. volume g: then xcopying from that?


Please update!

Please update!