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Any plans to modernize the file / folder backup capability of System Recovery?

Level 4

Are there any plans to modernize the File and Folder Backup option? From the user guide:

Note: The file and folder backup is intended for less than 10,000 files. If the data
to be backed up exceeds this amount, Veritas strongly recommends to use the
drive-based backup.

10,000 files is a ridiculous limitation. I have a single folder with over 250,000 files / subfolders in it and that's nothing compared to what the rest of HD contains.

A full disk image on this particular drive would be impractical because I store virtual machines created for various test scenarios here and these would result in backup deltas of a couple hundred GB per day. Since they are for testing only, I would want to exclude these from a backup, but disk imaging does not allow for that. A file and folder backup would be appropriate here, but Veritas does not recommend using it with more than 10,000 files.

Put another way, System Recovery is not capable of efficiently backing up my data.



I understand this file / folder backup is not useful for backups of the large number of files.
As of now, the file / folder backup needs to be used only when backing up a small number of important Office files like *.xlsx, *.pptx or *.docx.

When the system has large number of files, we need to use image backup. In addition, please add the registries to exclude files or folders from image backup like below. I am asking Engineering to add the function to exclude files or folders from image backup in the future VSR GUI.


5. Add a new "REG_MULTI_SZ" value :

Value Name : "Volume Shadow Copy Data"

Value Data : "$AllVolumes$\System Volume Information\* /s"    <--- Please change folders that you would like to exclude from image backup.

Thanks for your response. It is very much appreciated.