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Anyone get more than 140MB/sec network backup speed from System Recovery?

Level 3

I'm looking for a backup program capable of filling a 10Gb pipe, and in the near future, a 100Gb connection.

In my lab, I have two Intel Xeon E5-2500 servers with 10Gb NICs, 55GB Ram Drives and freshly installed Windows Server 2019. The 10Gb NICs are cross-connected and Windows file copying (SMB) a large file to a mapped network drive fills the 10Gb pipe at nearly 940 MB /sec (94% of the 10Gb connection). 

However, frustratingly, that performance is never seen with Veritas System Recovery (VSR).  The fastest VSR will write uncompressed through the network connection is 1.4Gb/sec (~140MB/sec), even though the entire 10Gb pipe is wide open, and even after trying all the Performance registry hacks (Default is still the fastest performance).

What should realistically be expected of VSR?


Level 4

I have a topic up here somewhere, where I did the same testing. I was given Reg keys to help with it but it did nothing for me. I am getting the same speeds for my 10gb as i am with my 1gb and the 1gb is not getting saturated... frustrating but guess it is what it is...

did you configure the max network speed setting?

Anyway, why is so important to saturate the network speed? In my experience, the fastest backup, when CPU is good, is achived using compressio:high, that drastically reduces the space used by the backup, thus not really requiring large network speed and also using less storage

For me, I want 10gb speeds because of the size of my backups. I dont want it to take 2 days to backup my gaming rig but would rather it go as fast as it can.

I can copy files from the machine to the storage location at 1GB+/s but vsr will not even come close to that. I forget the number now as it has been some time...


I already reported about the improvement for backup performance (especially the performance for 10gb is low) to Engineering. They will begin discussing but probably I guess that it will not be easy to dramatically improve the performance.

As of now, I recommend to use a recovery point set (Base / Incremental backups).