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BACKUPEXEC 2010 Backing up VMWARE 2003 OS backs up too much data.


I am backing up a VMWARE server 2003 with backupexec 2010. I have done it twice.

the second time I backed it up activating hardware or software compression.

the VM was powered off

the backup is backup to disk (no tape)

VMWARE reports the used space of the server to be under 1.7 GB but allocated is 50 GB (available but unused).

The backup takes 48 minutes over 10/100 network and backs up 26 GB.

1) is this normal that it saves 26 GB when the actual space used is less than 3 GB?
Any way to change a setting to shrink this?
thank you




The size of the 2003 OS is listed from VMWARE at

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Do you use Backup Exec or

Do you use Backup Exec or Backup Exec System Recovery ?

The product is Backupexec

The product is Backupexec 2010 R2.


Hm, sorry we only use Backup

Hm, sorry we only use Backup Exec System Recovery.