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BESR 2010 Delete a Backup Destination

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How do I delete a Backup Destination no longer used? If I try to delete the destination I get an error about policies using it but there are none I can see.  An administrator has deleted the backup files from the destination folder through windows isntead of deleteting recover points from the BESR console.  Now the Console thinks that backup files should be in the destination so it will not let me delete the destination.  Is there a way to get rid of this.  I tried the article about getting rid of History files but that didn't help.


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select manage backup location and delete the recovery points listed there, even they don't exist on the filesystem any more.

Level 4

Markus,  I've tried the delete recovery points but none show.  I did find a work around for this but it's ugly.

Identify the server that is reporting using the bogus destination.  You can do this through the Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Console,  Click on Manage Tasks Then click on the Backup Status and look at the Backup History of every server in your manage list until you find the offending entry.  Then,

From the Altiris Console go to Manage,  Jobs and Tasks, Highlight the root folder Jobs and Taks if its not already.    Double Click on the Task Server that you are using.

Double Click on the server that is the offender.   From the Resource Manager click on Delete and Delete the computer object that is the offender.

Go back to the Backup Exec System Recovery Console and delete the destination.

Then you have to add the computer account back to the Altiris Console and Re-Register the Computer with Altiris.

To do this,  From the Altiris Console Choose Actions, Discover, Network Devices,

From Discover network devices through network communication choose Scan network devices (ARP) and enter the IP address of the server you deleted.  

Click Next  From the Include drop down choose Hostname and type in the Hostname of the server you just deleted.

Take the defaults for the rest of the discovery process.    Note,,  You may have to do this discovery procedure twice to make it find and present the server.

Next,  From the Altiris Console Manage,    Computers  Refresh your browser with your browser refresh button and make sure that you can see the computer you just scanned for in the list.   If so you can start the re-register process.

To do this Logon to the console of the offending server.  Either Direct or RDP with the console switch.

If you did a remote install from the BESR 2010 Management Console you can browse to the BESR PLUG in console .msi and re-run it.

It's located here c:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\SoftwareManagement\Software\Delivery\

It's in one of the GUID named folders here under the folder cache. The file name is "Symantec_BESR_NS_Agent_9_0.msi

Launch the msi and do a Repair install.  On the servers I've done this doesn't make them reboot.

After the re-install of the BESR 2010 Management Plug in.

Restart the Altiris Agent Service.

Open the Altiris Agent Gui Click the Settings Button and Click the Update and Send buttons You may want to reset the agent also from the Task Status Tab.

The final step is to make sure that the server shows up in Backup Exec System Recovery Console.

If it does you are done.  One. Final note.  This process disassociates any backups and or polices, groups that you previously had defined for the offending server that was deleted and readded.  You'll have to put them back into groups and reassign the backup policies.

If this procedure doesn't work then a BESR reinstall on the server might fix it.



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