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BESR 2010 - Exchange 2K7 Restore - DB State DirtyShutdown

Level 4

Hi All,

OS = Server 2008 X64
Exchange 2007  Server
BESR 2010


We use BESR 2010 to take a daily backup of our Exchange Server (full vss - logs gets truncated), on a test restore, I converted the Backup sets / partitions to virtual hard disk (VHD) so I can do a test restore in Hyper-V. Virtual Conversion went well and converted VM gets powered on fine.

I also have a DC which I did a disk2vhd and converted that too, so I can have a dc and exchange in a private network on hyper-v to test on.

Problem is :

a) When I power ON the dc and after a few minutes Exchange VM, I am unable to logon with the domainname\administrator account on the Exchange server (converted via BESR)

b) I can logon to the DC itself fine with the same credentials

c) to logon to Exchange, I have to shutdown DC and then try to logon to the Exchange VM and it works.

So it seems it is using cached credentials but I am unable to understand this behaviour.

Also, when we do a full vss option backup - that would take care of Exchange DB too ? As when I am able to login to the Exchange VM, the DB state is in "Dirty Shutdown State" 

Will be grateful if someone could clarify this as we are relying on BESR 2010 for successful restores.

Kind Regards


Level 4

Its strange that even though the database is being stamped by BESR 2010 but still it's being restored in a dirty shutdown state - would be grateful for any helpful points to look for.

Level 6

Hi Digerati,

have you enable the VSS integration option in the BESR 2010 ?

and please also check that the VSS Writers are all online an drunning well.

in cmd: vssadmin list writers