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BESR 2010 File & Folder Backup fails - Error EBAB03F1: OS error 2147754774


I am running Symatenc BESR 2010 on Windows Server 2003 SP2.

Recently, the file and folder backup is failing with the below error.

-Snapshot error %1.
--Error EBAB03F1: OS error 2147754774.



I checked this link.

But, I dont see any issues with VSS writers.

vssadmin list writers -> returned [Stable] with no errors.

Any idea why this is still happening?



3 Replies

No, afaik F&F backup does not

No, afaik F&F backup does not use vss writers at all! Which SP of BESR2010 do you run?

Please update !

Please update !

Any updates here?

Any updates here?