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BESR 2010 Offsite confusion & jobs not running. (RDX included)

Hi Folks,

I've got a lot of BESR's of various versions out there on a whole host of servers, most run with the following setup.

1tb+ USB HDD which is the backup target, and a RDX drive for the offsite target.

For a long time I've thought the backups work perfectly, apart from the odd error in the middle of the night about consolodation which said it can't do it because some recovery points are missing, but they did exist. I found out what this was and will be explained shortly.

What I have found is that the offsites are working, but the recovery points are being split over the multiple RDX drives and if you try and restore from one it complains that the recovery points are missing - which they are, they're on the other RDX drives! The software is quite happy though as it HAS copied it to the offsite.

The USB drive for the backup target has everything on it and works perfectly, restores systems fully and everything. I hope I'm making sense so far.

At the moment I do a new recovery base every week, so worst case I can restore using the offsite but depending on the cartridge the server may get restored back to a week or two ago - this is pretty bad!

Is there any way to get around this? I've tried making two jobs, one for the permanent backup drive that runs a new base each week, incrementals during the week and a new one for the next week coming. Again, works perfectly. And a 2nd job to run a nightly backup (independant recovery point) which on a few servers has run once, sometimes twice, and never again. (If this worked I'd be happy with it)


I'm thoroughly confused! Ultimately I'd like the offsite RDX to contain a full recovery point + incrementals like I expected it to, if this is actually possible.

Can anyone shed any light on what is going on, or what *I'm* doing wrong? Read the manual from cover to cover too and seems like I'm doing it right.


Many thanks in advance!


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RDX drives as removable media


Have you reviewed the following technote on this: