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BESR 2010 Selected Files and Folders Offsite

I am running Symantec BESR 2010 Small Business Server Edition v.

I have an external HD  connected to the server that holds 3 backup jobs; 2 of them being complete drive backups and the third being selected files and folders as the drive is very big and not all of the files on it need backed up.  With the 2 drive backup jobs I use the offsite backup feature to also backup to a second external hard drive that is connected to my local desktop computer that I take home with me every night. 

My problem is that the third backup job with Selected files and folders has no option for an offsite backup. 

I want to know a way to back up the Selected files job to a second external HD at a different location could someone please assist me?

Thank you
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Nevermind.  I find that I can

Nevermind.  I find that I can use BESR to save to a external HD over the network.  In order for me to get it to work I had to make sure the Administrator account was given proper permissions on the share.  Then I used those same Administrator credentials when prompted by BESR and it works.  I now have backups on two separate HDs.  Not exactly a bleeding edge solution but at least I can take one of those home with me every night.