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BESR 2010 restore problem with Certificate Services (Server 2003) and Teamed NICs

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Hello all:

I request some assistance with the following:



My client has two servers (that are relevant to this issue): one Server 2003 R2 Std. w/SP2 DC/file server and one Server 2003 R2 Std. w/SP2 mail server running MS Exchange 2003 w/SP2.  Both servers have two Broadcom NetXtreme GB NICs each set up as a Team using the Broadcom Advanced Control Suite (BACS) 2 application (DC/file server is x.12 and mail server is x.10).  Symantec BESR 2010 is installed on both servers, and the backup jobs ran successfully to an external hard disk connected via USB to the DC (and shared over the network).

A restore of the DC/file server to a test server in a separate physical location proceeded without errors, but on first logon to Windows I had to open the BACS app and add the single NIC on the test server to the team before I could even ping the server from its own IP.  Afterwards, everything worked fine (I checked Event Viewer, Internet, DNS, AD, etc.) on that server.

A restore of the mail server to a different test server proceeded without errors until reaching the Restore Anywhere part (where Windows Setup is launched).  During the Restore Anywhere part, the mail server could not contact the DC/file server to rejoin the domain.  Thus, I had to proceed with the Windows Setup with the mail server as a member of a (temporary) workgroup.  Upon logging in for the first time, I see the same problem with the single NIC and BACS app.  I added the single NIC to the team and was then able to ping and connect to shares on the DC/file server.

When I then tried to join the domain, I could not.  Because the mail server is a Certificate Authority (the only one for the client), Certificate Services is installed and was preventing me from rejoining the domain (the Change button was grayed out on the Computer Name screen in the System Properties dialog box).

I followed the instructions from Microsoft at this site: and was able to backup and then uninstall Certificate Services.  I was then able to rejoin the domain without any problems.  Exchange System Manager, AD, etc. worked fine after rebooting and logging in (checked the services, etc.).  I then tried to reinstall Certificate Services on the server.  Certificate Services reinstalled fine and the settings restored without any errors (I was able to access the HTTPS page for Outlook Web Access and log in as a user).


The major problem occurred when I tried to reboot the mail server.  I disabled the Exchange services to speed up the reboot (three services disabled: Exchange MTA Stacks, Exchange Information Store, and Exchange System Attendant).  The reboot proceeded fine until the GUI phase.  The mail server would not load the GUI phase.  As soon as the Windows Server 2003 logo disappeared, the boot process ground to a halt: no hard disk activity and no black screen with mouse cursor.  I repeat, NO black screen with mouse cursor.  Nothing at all, except a blank screen (but the monitor did NOT display a no signal notification).  I would guess that the stop occurs during the loading of "Session Manager" as the GUI never loads (with no Stop error) but it seems that the boot and system drivers are loaded and no chkdsk is run (the Windows Server 2003 logo does NOT stay on the screen with the bar scrolling across the bottom forever, nor is there any chkdsk notification).


Does anybody have any suggestions for the following:

  • Has anybody come across this issue (or similar issues) while restoring a member server (of a domain, but NOT a domain controller) with teamed NICs that is running Certificate Services and is a Certificate Authority?
  • Is there a way around this with one of the Restore Anywhere options?
  • Is there a way to access the BACS app (that handles teaming of NICs) during the Windows Setup process?
  • Is there a different and better way to rejoin a domain without having to backup, uninstall, and then install, restore Certificate Services?
  • How have you restored member servers running Certificate Services with teamed NICs using BESR?


Please assist me with these problems.  I appreciate any effort and help you can provide.


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Have you tried the RAO restore w/o running the mini-setup? At the point within the restore where you can check the box to run the Restore Anyware Option, hold down the SHIFT or CTRL key then uncheck (if checked) and recheck the box. A dialog box appears with the following three options:

Delete existing drivers

Prompt for drivers

Run Windows Mini-Setup

Be sure that all three boxes besides these three options are unchecked. Continue the restore as you normally would. You may still need to rebuild the team but it should not require the systems to be dropped into a workgroup environment.