BESR 6.5 Issue: Recovery Failures

BESR 6.5. I am trying to recover a W2K3SBS server as a test of our disaster recovery procedures. The only recovery that works is the Base Image.

If i try to recover the server to the latest incremental it fails, infact if I try and recover to any incrementals it fails; the exchange databases are corrupted, sql instances corrupted, sql will not even run, various mmc's have lost the ability to open and numerous disk errors are reported in the Windows Event Logs. The server will boot to the desktop, but on any subsequent reboot scans the disks and spends 5-6 minutes Inserting Index file $0 into Index 40 multiple times, recovers a load of files, finds corruption on the disk, fixes it, and the server still has corrupt exchange databases, sql instances, files missing, etc etc

All the image files verify as being ok within the recovery point browser.

So far, version 6.5 is the only version of BESR we have not had major problems with on an almost daily basis, and now it appears the one version that we have yet to have any problem with only generates usable base images.

Anyone got any ideas, as after spending 2 days on this I am just about ready to bin every instance of BESR we have.
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Is the server that was backed up still running. If so check and make sure it doesn't have any file system corruption. If it does cleanup up the system then take a new backup. You could also mount the backup and run chkdsk on it to see if it has corruption. If BESR is making bad images contact support and tell them. If I were you I try and get a new verion of BESR if your version of BESR is making bad images!

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