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BESR 8.5 Scheduled Conversion to ESX VMDK

Level 2

We have BESR 8.5 backing up  a full recovery point once a week of out SBS 2008 server. For the rest of the week we have incrementals taken once a night.

We would like to begin scheduling a nightly conversion to ESX VMDK so that if the primary server fails we can bring the virtual machine online with less than a day of data loss.

My question is:

How does the scheduled conversion work? Does it re-create the VMDK from scratch each time a conversion job is run? Or does BESR have the ability to update the VMDK with only the incremental changes after the nightly incremental?

The reason I ask is that our SBS server has over 1TB of data and I'm worried that a restore time may take several days if we need to start from scratch. If anyone has experience or knows of a faster way to restore to a VM (maybe with the recovery CD?) I would be very interesting in hearing about your experiences

Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated


Level 6
Hi Adzee,

I've never tried to restore as VM with BESR2010, i heard that it is possible with scheduled deployment to ESXi but so far I was able and success in converting the .sv2i backup image using VMware converter freeware into my ESXi server manually for DR test.

if anyone know how to do this automated schedule of ESXi deployment, then please share it here too :)