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BESR 8 System freeze when running back-up

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Hi there,

System HW configuration: Supermicro Server, 2x Intel Xeon CPU, 4GB RAM, RAID-5 SAS disks
System SW configuration: Windows 2003 Server SP2 + Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 8.0 Server Edition (Version: + Symantec Antivirus version

When i do a full backup of my E drive (contains documents and roaming profiles of about 60 users) the back-up starts but after 42% the server freeze's.
42% thats about 42GB of 120GB that is back-upped. I use fast compression and i back-up to a external server (freenas) through the network.
The network activity drops and then it freezes. (see picture)

I don't get any errors in my eventviewer.
The log file under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Backup Exec System Recovery\Logs\ Backup Exec System Recovery.log.txt doesn't mention anything special.

Here are the last lines:

3/10/2009 16:32:31 Medium Priority Notice: Info 6C8F0428: Backup Exec System Recovery service stopped. 0x00 (Backup Exec System Recovery)
3/10/2009 16:32:44 Medium Priority Notice: Info 6C8F0427: Backup Exec System Recovery service started successfully. 0x00 (Backup Exec System Recovery)
3/10/2009 16:33:52 High Priority Notice: Info 6C8F1F63: The drive-based backup job, Backup of E:\, has been started manually. 0x00 (Backup Exec System Recovery)
3/10/2009 18:26:21 Medium Priority Warning: Error EC8F042E: Cannot register CASTOR with service principal name of VProRecovery Backup Exec System Recovery Agent 8.0. 0x8007054B (Backup Exec System Recovery)
3/10/2009 18:26:21 Medium Priority Notice: Info 6C8F0427: Backup Exec System Recovery service started successfully. 0x00 (Backup Exec System Recovery)

Before i manually start the back-up, I restarted the Backup Exec System Recovery service, after that i run the Back-up and after about one houre the server freeze's (see picture above). At 18h25 i restarted the server.

When the server freeze's i can ping the server but i get some timeout's (see picture).

What did i try:

Back-up to USB drive instead of back-up to external network server (freenas) > NO Luck
Back-up the drive into smaller files (max 20GB) > NO Luck
Disabled Verify image after back-up > NO Luck

I can download the latest release of BESR, 8.5. I've i update to that version could that help my problem?

Anybody that can help me?


Best Regards, Steven


Level 3
Had a the same problem with BESR Desktop addition in this thread. Reason were 2 defect sectors. Did you check the harddisk?


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I just did a chkdsk of the drive.

184321745 kB total diskspace
125158036 kB in 402215 files
186168 kB in 35395 indexes
0 kB in damaged sectors

So no errors on the disk where the data is on.


Level 3
Don't rely on chkdsk!!!

In my case i run chkdsk several times with the same result as you! It's far better to use a tool from your harddisk vendor (e.g. SeaTools for Seagate/Maxtor disks) and run it (if possible) from a bootable CD/DVD.

You can also try free tools like CrystalDiskInfo or Drivesitter, reporting much more details then chkdsk. Very helpfull is this one.
I did so and only then I found the damaged sectors and could repair it. BESR runs fine again.


Level 3
 The computer where BESR is running on is a production server with a RAID5 configuration.
It's not so easy and safe to execute such disk programs on it. 
I can't turn the server down for too long either.

I don't want to waste any files or make the RAID configuration unreadable.

Thanks for the support.

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 I will do a manual copy of all the files and directory's to the backup server.
If there are any disk errors they should come up, won't they?


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If there are any disk errors they should come up, won't they?

Not necessarily. BESR makes an image of the drive reading the sectors. If you just copy files and those files are not located in a damaged sector, it won't be recognised. But if you have files in damaged sectors other problems would have occured.

You should check your disks during your next maintenance window!


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another update:

i tried to do a manual backup of my E - drive with windows back-up. At about 10GB the back-up programs stops.
It said in the log it couldn't read certain files. And there has been a I/O error.
I checked the files and i could't open, copy and move them.

I then made again a backup of the map that contains those 'damaged' files with the windows backup program.
That went without any problems.

Now i'm trying to backup the E - drive again with windows back-up. So far so good ....

Is this a hard disk issue or a raid controller issue?