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BESR Backups failing on one server

Level 2
We have two servers that have Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery on them right now.

Both of these servers backup to a SCSI Raid array(Promise Vtrak).

One server has the full install of BESR while the other just has the agent.

This is the error I keep getting in the symantec logs as well as the Windows event viewer.
Error EC8F1780: Cannot successfully reconcile changes since last session. Error EC8F1771: Cannot enumerate the current drives on this system. Error EC8F1C25: bad allocation
Details: Unspecified error

Both automatic and manual jobs fail. I have tried re-creating the jobs, but still having the same problem.

The server that is getting these errors, is the one that has the full install of BESR on it. The second server backups just fine.

I've searched and searched trying to find something, but so far, no luck.

Anyone have any ideas as to what the problem may be here?

The server with errors is running Windows Server 2003

The server with the agent is running Windows Server 2000 SP 4



Level 6
Employee Accredited
If you have not already done so please review the following technote:
Error EC8F1C25: Bad allocation when running a backup.
In addition you may want to consider the following suggestions:
 - If using a USB device for image storage, long format NTFS and try the backup again.
 - Cycle BESR service and startup item (i.e. VPROTRAY.EXE) and try the backup again.
 - CHKDSK /R & Boot time Defrag both the source and storage drives.
 - Attempt to backup to a different storage device or a share on a different system.
 - Delete the *PQH files on the client system with the BESR service and startup item (i.e. VPROTRAY.EXE) disabled, restart and try the backup again.