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BESR First Time Fast, Second Time S-L-O-W

Running BESR 7.0.  A full backup of my 170GB Vista hard drive, to a USB drive, takes an estimated 30+ hours (don't know how long exactly, my PC is never in the same place for 30+ hours so it doesn't have time to finish!).

I uninstalled BESR completely.  Ran a Windows backup, took about 2 hours.  Re-installed BESR, first full BESR backup also took about 2 hours.  Thought I was done and moved on.  Second time BESR ran, back to 30+ hours estimate.  I let it run for about an hour just to ensure it was a throughput problem and not a time estimator problem.

I deleted all BESR recovery points off the external backup drive, redefined the target drive, ran another backup, same problem, 30+ hours estimate.

No changes to the system between backups, same results if I run it at my office or at home.

Any help?

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Have you tried a different storage location?

Have you tried a different storage location? Like to a network location? Does it have the same results?