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BESR Management Solution 2010 does not discover computers

Level 3

Just installed BESR-MS but unable to discover any computers on network.  I've tried both AD Import and Domain Discovery.  The task finishes successfully, and it only discovers one computer, the server it is installed on.  Have no trouble with other applications (Endpoint Protection, etc.) discovering computers on network.


Level 2
Partner Accredited
I am having a similar problem.  BESR-MS discovered the computers on my network when I installed it about 3 months ago.  However, it will not discover new computer that I have recently added.

I am running a simple Windows Workgroup of about 30 client workstations.  When I run a, "Domain Browser List" discovery the message, "Failed to get discovery progress" is displayed.  Other times, zero new computers are discovered. 

Over a 3 month period I have applied dogged effort toward getting BESR-MS fully operational. Is BESR-MS 2010 a Beta product? Seriously, something seems wrong here.
I have never expended this much effort toward mastering a Symantec product without achieving success.  I have great praise for BESR 8.5 and 2010. However, I am extremely frustrated with BESR-MS 2010! 
I have read and reread the, “BESR 2010 Management Solution Admin Guide”. Are there any additional training materials available for Symantec Partners?