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BESR Manager: Convert to virtual

Level 4
The behaviour of the Manager software regarding "Convert-to-virtual " is different than the behaviour of the tool using the clientsoftware on the target server.
- on the BESR client on the target server, I can select from a list of recovery points (if available for the target machine) or I can select the option File name to browse to any kind of other recovery point, even from other servers.
- on the BESR Manager console, it will bring up an error if no recovery points are available for the target server. In a sense, this is a correct message. Because, I want to select a different recovery point stored on a different volume. It does not give me the option to do so (like it is available in the BESR client sofware)
I want to select the target BESR clients to operate as a conversion group for recovery points other than their own recovery points. In that way, they can be used as a fabric of conversion agents.
It would make the manager software much more versatile if it could deliver this functionality.

Message Edited by Ray Arts on 08-29-2007 05:38 AM

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
I will add this to our enhancements list.
Today you could install the BESR agent to the same system running the BESR Manager console, which would allow you to browse (via the agent) to any recovery point and convert it to virtual.
The drawback there is that the conversion processing is taking place on the system running the BESR Manager console, instead of the processing being done by a client system.

Level 3
So to clarify for my thick skull. If I run BESR7.01 full product on a management server and perform an agent based backup at another server with the image file being saved on a NAS, then when I go to convert it to a VM in the same way, for example from the management server, with the virtual image file being saved on the NAS also. Where is the processing being done? I guess on the management server right? But the data itself does not need to be copied off the NAS? I'm not seeing lightning performance when I do this but it does perform well enough to indicate the data stays on the NAS...
Have I got it right?
Cheers, Tony.

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
Yes, in this example the conversion process would happen on the management server (since you're using the full product installed there to perform the conversion).  However, most of the disk reads/writes would be happening on the NAS, since it appears you indicated the source recovery point is located on the NAS and the NAS is also the destination for the converted virtual disk.
This all presumes I understood properly.  My head is pretty thick as well.