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BESR Training

Got Training??
Ask us today in this forum about our latest and greatest training offerings for Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery.
It’s all designed to help you manage IT risk and operate with confidence in a connected world.
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Marketing in a peer to peer forum

Is it just me, or does anybody else find it irritating to be marketed to in a peer to peer help forum?  IMHO, this is absolutely unacceptable,  I think most of the people who join this forum either have the heart of a teacher, or wish to learn from those that do,and not to be marketed to in the process.  There are better places on the website to target this type of marketing.

is the training free?

if the training is provided for free
just post links to the relevant pages

yes if it is free and

yes if it is free and downloadable as video training or just a SWF presentation that'd be great.

Please provide a walk-thru for P2V restore and using Manager.

The more detail training material for P2V and BESR Manager.  The current material look more like marketing material then actual useful basic instructions to use these features and functions.  An example of a good training material for BESR is the Restore Anyware Basics training material in the same location.


Where is this training video?

Where is this training video?

BESR training site link