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BESR email notification problems

Level 5

On one system there is a daily job and BESR is set up to send Emails. Now the really wierd thing is, that it only sends test messages and informations about the job, if I start the job manually. The job is scheduled but it seems we never get an email even thought it started and finished the backup. I'm lost...

Level 6
Employee Accredited
If you start the job manually and it works, kick off a manual job to initiate the successful email. Once completed, edit the same job to kick off in 1 minute. This should mimic the same as launching the job manually. See if the email is sent The point of this is to rule out the time that the job executes.

Level 5
Thanks for the hint. Good idea.
Actually the job run trough today and sent an email. I'm kinda confused. I'll just check for a few days if the emails arrive, hope they do.

EDIT: Maybe it has something to do with this:
Noticed there that we have some strange generall problems.

Level 5
OK I think maybe I got confused when this the first time happened.

Since we started using BESR I noticed that it it lossing the SMTP settings. I still can't see any logic till now. At the beginning I just though I forgott to set them.
But lather I was sure that on one server which didn't have any SMTP Settings configured inside BESR I had set them.
Right know I look at a system from a customer where the same happened.
There it happened around 01.06.09 and again 06.07.09 (dd-mm-yy).
If I check the SMTP settings it looks like they never where set. The SMTP settings are the same again that are set after a fresh installation.