BESR : from Physical Server to Hyper-V

Hello Experts,


I'll need a bit advice on how to troubleshoot this to make its workable.  I have tried all below testing but all the OS still unbootable as a VM from the Hyper-V, am I missing something?


  1. I did the normal backup that creates .v2i files.  These backups were sent over the network to one of our share drives.  From the server i can see that the backup was completed with no errors.  This is the steps i took to recover this server;
  • Create custom recovery disk CD  to a disk drive. It was complete and one ISO files was created and I transfer it into the Hyper-V server.
  • Now from the hyper-v server, i select this ISO to boot.
  • Once its bootup i configure the Network Settings and i able to ping the share drives server
  • Now i map the drive and start recovering.
  • I select the completed .v2i files, and then i select the disk (which is a Virtual disk)
  • I select the 'Use Restore Anywhere" options
  • In the options windows i select “Set drive active for booting OS”, Verify Recovery point, Restore Disk Signature & Restore MBR
  • And i proceed for the recoevry

However once its finished and reovery completed, the systems just hung with black screen. Nothing there!


    2.  So i tried the second options:

  • I convert the recovery files using the Conversion Tools as a Microsoft Virtual Disk (.vhd) files
  • However once the conversion is completed, i tried to boot it up using Hyper-V it will says missing boot record.

Please help me on this, did i miss any steps? Any documents that can help me on BESR recovering to Hyper-V VMs?

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Have a look

Have a look here:





Thanks Marcus for the Links. 

Thanks Marcus for the Links.  I have go through all the links but all links are about backing up Hyper-V guest OS or hyper-v server it self.  What im experiencing now is, im backing up a physical server and im restoring to the Hyper-V server as a virtual machine in there.

Am i missing something, like say licensing? Do BESR need special license to do this kind of stuff?  Anyone had experience on this?



What operating system are you

What operating system are you trying to restore?

And what exactly did you backup (from the source server)?

Physical Server is running: 1

Physical Server is running: 1 is running Windows 2003 SP2 (lets call this server A) and another 1 is running Windows 2008 Server (lets call this server B)

Hyper-V is running on Windows 2008 Server R2 on PowerEdge R710.

I'm backing up Physical Server from Server A & B using BESR, backups are completed.  I'm backup all drives including the VSS. I also create custom SRD iso file for each server which i put in the hyper-V for recovery process. All backup destination is in the file server which can be access as a share directory.

My recovery method:

From Hyper-V I create a VM and boot up from the iso created. Mapped a network drive for the recovery point and start to restore. I alredy check the partition to be active.




As a test, could you try the

As a test, could you try the following to see if it helps:

Backup only the system drive of your Windows 2003 server and restore only that into a Hyper-V virtual machine. Does that boot into windows?

Do you mean system drive C

Do you mean system drive C drive only? I have tried that, its hung after recovery completed only black blank screen.

Hello sQew, try the following

Hello sQew,

try the following :

Restore with: “Set drive active for booting OS” & Restore MBR 

Don't restore the drive signature.

Try to restore not in the BareMetal mode. This is more work after the restore ( if it comes up...), but even

better then a black screen.

A-H-S, Do you have similar


Do you have similar setup like me? I'll test it out and post the results once i get it. BTW, I did not miss anything on licensing rite? I use the BESR Server license, on this situation we do not use hyper-v license or whatnot rite?

I use the BESR Server

I use the BESR Server license, on this situation we do not use hyper-v license or whatnot rite?

Correct. You only need the server license.

Hello sQew, we are working

Hello sQew,

we are working with XenServer and VMware and have done it with 2003 and 2008 Server/SBS for

several times in P2V projects. As I know hyper-v is for free, and there is no need for an extra license.


So does the issue still exist

So does the issue still exist ?

Sorry for the late reply, the

Sorry for the late reply, the issue still exist. Previously i got blank but now after i change the hardisk type from IDE Controller to SCSI Controller in Hyper-V setting to boot this Windows 2008 server i got another message now:

Boot failure.  Reboot and Select proper Boot device
or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device.

I have tried several option, i did try to convert to .VHD file one more time using the one time convertion tools from BESR in the server and i transfer it using my external hard disk to make sure the file is good but i still hit the same problem over again.

I have open a case with Symantec 2 weeks ago to investigate on this, its now pass the technical support now it goes up to Advance Team, hope can settle it in this 1-2 week. Will keep you all posted with the outcome.


Ok i got the answer already

Ok i got the answer already for this Windows 2008 Server:

*EFI BOOT PARTITION IS NOT SUPPORTED IN BESR 2010 according to Symantec Advance Team. Will post details later on.

That is

That is correct: