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BESR vs BUExec for VMware Guest exchange servers

Allo f my CLients Exchaneg 2007 servers are running as VM Guest sin ESX 3.5.  I am tired of the dysfuntional and insconsistant backups we get from BUE (12.5 w/advanced disk).  Would I be better off using BESR with granular restore than BUE?  the client are not large enough to justify the Symantec VM Backup agents.

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Re: BESR vs BUExec for VMware Guest exchange servers

It could work depending on what OS your Exchange is installed on. Currently Exchange 2007 is not supported on Server 2008 with BESR.


The Granular Restore Option is also quite different then the GRT feature in BE. The individual items are restore as a PST file and not placed directly into Exchange.  Please see the following article: