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BESR vs Ghost suite

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I'm looking into software to deploy new desktops and laptops easily. Preferably a technology that is suited for network enviroment and which allows me to use 1 image for different hardware profiles.

As far as I can reckon from online information, both Symantec Ghost Solution Suite and Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 would be up to this task.

Can someone clarify for me which of these 2 programs would be the better choice? They seem to have by and large the same functionality, even though they seem to serve a different purpose (backup&restore vs deployment).



Level 6
You want Symantec Ghost and NOT BESR for systems deployment.

BESR like the name implies is for System Recovery in case of DR.  It's a backup application to put it simply.

Completely different technologies, price points, and product segments.

Ghost has been in the industry for more than a decade, so popular, that it's a verb, even when using a different product!

Level 3
As Teiva-Boy states, GHOST is most suited to your task of deploying new systems.  It can be managed from the console and has many other great features for deploying and refreshing systems.  BESR is a great product for DR and also moving an old system to a new one or moving to different hardware for DR.  The ability to convert to a Virtual Machine has been handy as well.  Both good products but I would suggest GHOST Suite.