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BESR8.5 network problem

Level 4
hi all

I have this problem:

I used a shared backup disk on my SAN, after on solaris I change the permission on share folder i see this problem

Unable to create the restore point. Unable to establish a network connection to \\\bckbesr. Access is denied. Unable to establish a network connection


when i try on IExplorer to call the share i see the folder and recovery point, but when I try to mapping network device , show me a popup to put the domain\user password to see the folder

I change the permission on share folder because the folder was visibility to all on office, and this is not permission for privacy reasons


If I permission to all a pubblic folder backup and recovery point was create.

Question: 1) only server backup esxec system recovery can access to folder or each client have the access to folder to make a backup?
                   2) it's possibile to leave the pubblic folder but the file when was write have the encryption to make my file sure and protect to privacy?

Any Idea?



When you create a backup job with a network destination as target for the backups you must specify which User is used to access the network destination. And yes you can specify the backup job to use AES encryption for the backup files.