BSER fails to create Offsite copy

I have Symantec system recovery (server) installed on one system. It is configured to create an offisite copy. This works without error or issue. The problem is on a second server where I have Symantec System Recovery (virtual server  version) installed on a VM Host. This creates the local backup without problem but does not consistently create the offsite copy. I have only gotten an error once that indicated the app was unable to contact the offsite. The history log shows an error.

The offsite server houses both offsite copies in separate sub folders of the remote share. I am using a UNC path to the offsite as I have a VPN tunnel between the two sites.

I'm flumoxed Smiley Wink. There are no special characters in the path name, and as I said, this all works perfectly for the SSR (server) version, it's just the SSR (Virtual) that is giving me fits.

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Are you seeing any errors in

Are you seeing any errors in the SSR event log in the console? (Open the console, click on ADVANCED, then EVENT LOG on the left side).


As a test, can you create an offsite to another machine, to see if it could be network related? Perhaps offsite to another VM on the host?


I am see and error, Error

I am see and error,

Error EC8F1F5B: Cannot create offsite copy for job Drive Backup of System Reserved (*:\), (C:\), Data (E:\).
 Error EC8F1F5D: Cannot create offsite copy \\magnanbackup02\nasshare\MAGNAN2\Magnan2_E_Drive006.v2i.
 Error E7D1001F: Unable to write to file.
  Error EBAB03F1: The handle is invalid.
Error EBAB03F1: Unspecified error. (UMI:V-281-3215-8027)

Source: Symantec System Recovery


The system isn't saving offsite copies for any of my servers. when is it supposwed to create theM?

It was working for one server but now it's stopped making the offsite for both.


The offsite backup is working

The offsite backup is working for one of my servers, but the second is not.

I'm no longer getting any errors...it's just not writing to the offsite. The event log shows no evidence of even trying to write to the offsite.

I need some answers PLEASE!


If you are getting no errors

If you are getting no errors at all, then likely it has lost connection. Can you verify that the NAS is online and actively communication with this server?

A few troubleshooting steps:

1. Ensure plenty of free space on the NAS (At least 1.5x the amount of data being backed up)
2. In Backup job properties, set the compression to NONE.
3. Choose to break the backup image up into 650MB chunks.  This will break the recovery point and the offsite into 650Mb pieces.
4. Create a shared folder exclusively for this server's offsite. Do not allow any other machine to access this share.