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BSR 2011 or 2010 Restore CD not able to bootup in HP Elite 8200

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Anyone experiencing a problem booting the SSR CD downloaded form sysmantec website to use to restore the backup restore point to dissimilar or similar hardware. I having a problem running SSR bootable CD to restore the backup restore point to HP Elite 8200 i5 2nd Generation processor vPRo. The CD not able to boot properly it ends up to loading windows and the SSR menu not comeout. I tried to use the same CD to HP Elite 8100 and other HP and none HP it works. I tried also in 5 diffrent 8200 Elite , Small form factor and CMT it's the same thing not able to bootup properly. I tried to disabled the EFI in the Bios it the same thing the problem still occurs.

I tried the SSR Management Solution and Light out feaure it doesn't work either probably because of EFI feature of the mother board.

Any comment and recomendation are highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



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Have you tried both the English and multilingual SRDs? We currently have an issue under investigation which only affects the English SRD so try the multilingual SRD to see if that helps.

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Hi Chris


I will try your recomendation later and I will let you know the outcome.


Thanks for your immediate response.

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Hi Chris,

It's the same thing with SRD Multilingual but this time there is an error messages in Windows Boot Manager  "An unexpected error has occurred" Windows fail to start. A recent hardware or software change might be cause. ........"

I will try to download again another CD ...

Is there anything in the Bios need to check?




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No Worries I figured out now why not able to bootup. The problem is on the Bios security not allowed to overwrite the system.

Thanks anyways.

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If you having a problem booting up the SSR to Elite try the procedure below.

1. Open the HP System Bios

2. Click the Seurity, in the main Menu

3. Navigate the Embedded Security Devices

4. Disabled the "Embedded Security Devices"

5. Save the Bios setting and try to boot up the SSR2011 Disc

6. After you restore or backup the PC you can Enable the "Embadded Security Devices" again if you have any concern on security.

7. Another option instead of running the bootup CD use Iight out feauture using SSR management.

6. For Network Services, you need to download the Network Card Vista driver instead of Windows 7 driver.


I hope it helps.... Cheers! Erwin