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Back to managing backups

It has been a long time since I was on here. Everything has been working ok with minumum maintenance being done. 

I have been away for awhile and no one has done much maintenance on this system or kept it up. So I am going to start witht the basics, and try to get this system back to a good place 

We are using  BESR 8.5.5 and Management control 8.5.5. Everything has been rocking along pretty good until last week. 

We have up graded 30 out of about 50 pc's  to Windows 7 since last year and they are backing up on schedule. However, When I try to load it on some new systems, the installation fails due to looking for a file that doesn't exist and can't delete it  

  2014-10-27 09:40:53  [SYSER] [CleanupTempFiles         ] - Failed to delete the file: C:\PROGRA~2\Symantec\Backup Exec System Recovery Manager\EasyInstaller\BootStrap.exe LastError 2: The system cannot find the file specified


Are my windows 7 backups good ( I have restored only one and it went well)

Is the loading problem specific to a version of W7? or a particular piece of hardware. So far this is first encounter with this . But I have loaded it on what is supposed to be the same hardware and software. (It's 2 IBA America recorders and client) One works and one doesn't. 

I'm pretty sure your going to say I need an upgrade.:-)  That is in the plan to do. I just want to know if there is a way around this error and are my W7 backups good ?  


Any advice is welcome. I was away from tis for a couple of years and Don't know what to do or versions etc. 






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Accepted Solution!

We are Upgrading the

We are Upgrading the  software. Should fix all issues

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I've tried loading the

I've tried loading the software in manual from a previous post with no luck. I've pretty much exausted evertyhing I know how to do. 


Anybody else seeing this issue?? 

Hm the only way to tell if

Hm the only way to tell if your backups are good or not is to TEST them. If you enabled the verify option in the backup job you can at least be sure that the are not corrupt.

Accoring to the BESR 8.5 SCL ( Windows 7 is not supported. So this might be an issue with all Windows 7 OS installations.

Any questions still open?

Any questions still open?

Accepted Solution!

We are Upgrading the

We are Upgrading the  software. Should fix all issues

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