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Back-up and restore RAID1 drives.

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I am in the process of upgading two 80GB hard drives that are in RAID1 configuration to the larger one. I have two partition on those drives. One with OS and Appliccation that are running on the server and other one is user data and application data. The problem is I have lots of configuration that were done to the software and I don;t want to reinstall  OS, create user accounts, install all application, reconfigure all applications, etc. I was thinking of using Backup Exec System recovery disk to backup my existing drive and then restore it to the larger

I download trialware of Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 Recovery disk and was trying to use "Back up my computer" feature. But its asking for the license key. I talked to Customer service and they told me that I should of get a key when I registered which I didn't. They also told me that since they don;t support trialware versions, there is nothing else they can do.

Can anyone tell me if my approach for restorring my data will work on RAID drives? If it is, can someone provide me with a license key for trialware version?

Thank you in advance.