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BackExec Full Server restore

Level 2
If I am using an older version, 12, of BackupExec, and I need to restore the server using my latest full backup, does this really restore the entire server back to a functioning server including all installed software?

Level 6

Yes ..that's what the symantec fellows says but .........please, share what ar the backup you have it a full backup or some thing else.............
If it is a full backup(again it makes sence how u have taken and what u have taken the backup)..
U can actually recover the server using the disestor recovery process..

Level 2
Yes, we are using a complete full backup of the server.  We have never ran into this situation before, but wanted to make sure we could fully restore our server(s).  Has anyone ever done this?  Did you have to re-install any of the software that was running on the server before the crash?