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Backing up Network Drive with BESR 2010

Level 3

Hi Guys

Currently using BESR2010 for small business server. Now I'm trying backup a network drive sitting on a NAS as well as the server drive. 


The problem is I cannot select a network drive. Even one that is mapped. Is there a way around this? 


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Does that drive appear in the disk management with an any drive letter. BESR will be able to backup

only those drives which satisfies the above condition.

Level 6

Create a share on your NAS and add it in user defined selection.Make sure you grat proper rights and permission to the BE service account on the Share .

Level 4

As I understand, you are running BESR 2010, so

1. No need to worry about granting permission to BESR service as it will be running under Local System Account.

2. You will need to create a folder on your NAS and share it.

3. In BESR backup configuration wizard, you will have to enter the UNC path for the shared folder (You can not browse the network folder like Backup Exec) and then provide the credentials for a user account which has Full control over the shared folder.

Level 3

Hi Guys

Thanks for the replies. It seems BESR cannot backup a network drive. 

When entering a UNC path it says \\remote is not local drive. You must use local drives only. 

Mapped drive is also not available for selection. 

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Yes BESR/SSR is recovery product designed to do image level backus of local partitions of systems. Backup Exec itself is probably a better fit for the network owned data - although this does kind of depend on what sort of storage is involved.


Of course if the share is on a Windows server you could install BESR on that as another option


Also, for your information Symantec System Recovery (the new name for BESR) has it's own forum to ask questions on so if you have any further questions that are BESR/SSR specific I suggest you post in the correct forum. Backup Exec and BESR are separate products hence separate forums.