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Backup Domain Controller convert to VMHD then Test restore

Level 2

Can someone please advise the correct procedure for the above? 

So far I have run a one off backup of the whole server. Converted image to a VM hard drive. Loaded it into VM Ware Server 2 - but when I power on virtual machine does not boot and I get an lsass.exe directory service cannot start error which prevents boot.

This article advises the correct procedure to resolve, however when booting the VM I will not get the option to enter DSRM?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kinhd Regards

Jon D

Level 6
When imaging this DC, were all the drives holding AD data imaged?  It is common to have the transaction logs on a separate drive. 

Assuming all drives were imaged............
I don't do alot of Virtual Machine testing, but during a Restore Anyware recovery, you have the option to restore the drive signatures in order to retain the drive letter structure.  I'm not sure how the VM conversion process accounts for this, but it might be worth investigating if the drive letters were properly restored.

You could also try doing a Restore Anyware recovery to the virtual machine and see if that brings success

Level 6
P2V handles the disk signature for you, just follow marcogsp's suggestions.

PS: Let us know your results, thanks.

Level 2
Hi,  thanks for the advice.

Have imaged both drives on Server. Then converted them to VM disks.

Still having trouble getting them up and running in VMWare though.

Tried creating a new VM using the two converted drives. But on boot it says that the "Directory Service cannot start" with error code 0xc00002e1 - ntds.dit is saved on these drives.

Ran the Symantec System Restore in a VM but am unsure on how I can point to the restore points created -  as the only disk available is the newly created VM disk - and I cannot access the USB drives where my backups are held.

Also I am unsure whether I am actually running a Restore Anywhere recovery - I am just running the Symantec System Recovery disk which came with the software.

Probably being a real idiot here.....! Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks. 

Level 6
In your virtual machine add the hard disk(s) you will need, then boot into the SRD from within the VM.

Use the BESR 8.5 Recover My Computer and select File Name and select VMDK in the file drop down box and restore the VMDK's. You have to navigate to and restore them all in the Recovery Wizard, V2P does not use the SV2I file.

You could also create a new hard disk in the VM, boot the SRD, copy your backups to the hard disk, and perform a P2P within your VM.

P2V & P2P perform slightly different Retargets.

Hope this helps :)

Level 2

I am still trying to restore my AD domain controller into a virtual environment for disaster recovery purposes. I have backed up the drives on the server and converted Drive1 and Drive2 to virtual images (.vmdk)

In AJT's advice above it is stated that both these must be restored in the BESR recovery wizard. However you are given no option to restore more than one drive. How can I achieve this?

And once acheived what steps need to be taken next to get the machine booting within the VM environment?

Many thanks