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Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 - Extremely Slow

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I am currently testing Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 to test it's feasibility for some of our field servers. Currently some collagues at work use this in one of our data centers with excellent results. (Mostly HP Proliant DL385 Servers)

I have, however ran into an issue on a particular server type: HP Proliant ML350 G6

When attempting a full 'recover my computer' - I run into extreme slowness in restoring the image. Talking about 24 hours for a 5.1 GB restore on a GB backbone. No way it should even be close to that, I've seen it do four times that much in 30/40 minutes on a GB network.

I've searched a bit on this issue and have done a number of things so far:

Loaded another ML350 G6 completely with Windows Server 2003, using the HP 8.40 Agents/Drivers - and created a SRD (custom recovery disk) disk on this machine. That was successful - in creating the ISO, but no change in the speed of the restore on the test machine.

Loaded the NIC driver manually after booting to the SRD, the driver loads fine; but performance is horrid.

I did copy the restore point to a Thumb Drive and restored it - in less than 6 minutes. Worked like a charm that way, the OS was fully functional no problems at all. So it cannot be the RAID driver that the PE is using.

Only when going across the LAN it does this. It was on a 10/100 switch at first and it's running about the same time on the GB core switch. One of our Cisco guys took a peek at it, and it was moving data at about 40kbs...

I did note once you are at the point of selecting the recovery point any and all network access is real slow - getting the info on the recovery point, etc.

We did try to lock the NIC/Switch to 100-Full, but for some reason BESR only gives an error when I try to lock the NIC speed to 100/Full. "Connection failed while trying to set the link speed to 100 mbps Full Duplex" - is the exact error. But that's not really important as we were just 'testing' to see if that made any impact.

I can't help but to think it might be something to do with the NIC driver on the ML350 G6, but it seemed to load the driver from HP just fine...

We may use thing quite extensively, but I need to be able to get this resolved somehow. After trying it and seeing it in action, personally - I'm all for using the tool it does a great job. Much of this work will be done remote using the HP iLO's - so thumb drives aren't an option if we are to move forward with licensing more copies for real use... ;)


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You may want to try a different driver then.  Perhaps try the newest ones from HP off their site and not from the CD pack that comes with server?  I think they are up to version 10.0 by now?


You may also want to see if there is an OEM to that NIC, is it made by Intel?  Or broadcom, perhaps try that driver instead?  

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It's a broadcom - and yeah, I tried the newest driver that was out there. The driver package on HP's site was pretty small - 700k ish. I might be able to find some OEM driver though - that's a good idea.

I can't really think that it's anything other than a NIC driver to be honest. Or potentially firmware. I did try this as well on another ML350 G6 - with the same results, so it's not a hardware issue with the machine. They are brand new, but that doesn't mean a thing in terms of 'good' hardware - always.. :)

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Any updates on this issue, we are having a similar problem