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Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 remote install issue

Hi all,

I've just installed Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 Management solution with no problems.

I then sent out the plug-in for Backup Exec System Recovery with no problems.

However when I click 'Install Backup Exec System Recovery 2010' from the homepage, set the policy to 'On'

Then select the relevant machine in the 'applied to' section and then check 'Run once ASAP' and 'User can run'

and thats it... nothing happens, nothing is installed - I can't even find anywhere where an error might be logged or a staus of the installation.

Does anyone no whats wrong here? There are no AV software or firewalls present on the client.


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Rob, How long have you


How long have you waited? By default, the altiris agent checks for new packages/policies every 60mins. If you have access to the client(s), you can force an update via the altiris agent which should kick things into action...

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I should add that I just found the Altiris log viewer and the following information in the log:

Log File Name: C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Logs\Agent.log

Priority: 1

Date: 26/01/2010 15:20:54

Tick Count: 14617296

Host Name: CASTLE

Process: aexnsagent.exe (4984)

Thread ID: 10464

Module: smfagent.dll

Source: ProgramExec


Description: Failed to launch SWD task 'Install Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 with user interface--automatic restart' with command line '.\install\setup.exe /S /V"SILENTMANAGED=1 REBOOT=Force /qn AddLocal=Shared,Console,BESRConsoleShortCut,Push,Agent,BESRSecurityShortCut,Gear,Browser,BESRBrowserShortCut /l*v "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\besr_9_0_wui_install.log""': Failed to start SWD task: The system cannot find the file specified. (-2147024894)

Does anyone know what this means!

Does anyone know what the

Does anyone know what the problem is with this? anyone?

Install Package

Hi Rob,

Did you install the BESR 2010 Installer from Symantec Installation Manager? It is a separate install from the Management Solution. If you go under the Package settings from the Management Console it should also show "The total package size at this location is 149,132.71 Kb" or a similar size other then 0 Kb if the package files are installed, it is listed under the Package Source and Package Location settings.


Client Files

After the Altiris client has downloaded the package from the server or location specified by the Package settings, they are located by default at C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\SoftwareManagement\Software Delivery\{CA037D37-CFCB-45DC-9D85-0B133EE78234}\cache\Install on the client machine.