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Backup Vs Ransomware : Data Protection and Revival

Level 2

Ransomware is spreading across the globe like a wildfire. It has hit many and most of the critical services including Government and Finance sectors. While at it most of the users are concerned about how to protect their data and systems against such attacks. Following steps would work as guideline to protect and revive from such threats.

  1. Educate – do avoid:

    • -  Websites you don’t know

    • -  Email from unfamiliar senders

    • -  Physical media from others

    • -  Pop-up browser windows

    • -  Software with optional installs

  2. Secure – keep up-to-date:

    • -  Update operating systems

    • -  Install security software

    • -  Update device drivers

3. Backup

  • -  Take regular and frequent backups

  • -  Store backups separately

  • -  Test to ensure recoverability

While defining backups Follow the simple Golden Backup Rule of 3-2-1

3 Backup Copies

2 Different Media

1 Offsite location

Key Points:

- Veritas System Recovery encrypts and protects system and user data during transit and at rest.

- In case of infection VSR allows to restore partial data or entire system from any of the available backup copy: Onsite or Offsite.

- The image backup technology makes sure that the recovery time is minimal which in turn minimizes the system downtime.