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BackupExec System Restore: SQL & SharePoint?

Level 4

I've recently downloaded the trial of Backup Exec System Recovery 2010.

We are currently using BE 11d and 12.5 for our existing physical servers, with SQL agents, and Sharepoint agents mixed in.

The reason I'm trying BESR 2010 is because we just got involved in VMs, using Citrix XenServer.

BE doesnt seem to restore to VMs very nicely from what we've seen or experienced, so I wanted to give BESR a try.

I like that it is a more simple of an interface, resembling Ghost products.  I've backuped and restored a test VM or two and it seems to work fine.  I also like how the backup data that writes to disk can be compressed.  Its a time saver for when I want to write backups to tape.

Now that I've got VMs backing up using this, I want to explore how this handles backing up Sharepoint and SQL.  In BE there are agents needed.  Are there agents needed for BESR?  I see blurbs that you can do granual backups of Exchange and Sharepoint, but I can't really seem to find detailed documentation on setting this up and/or doing restores (Sharepoint/SQL mainly)

 Should I shy away from this product for those purposes?

Should someone be combining products, or can one do everything?


...p.s.  One More quick question... I'm using my trial of BESR 2010 to backup our domain controllers which are VM's.  I'm guessing if I needed to do a full restore of one of my 2 DC's, I would be fine... but if I wanted to restore individual AD items... I would not be able to, correct?


Level 6

BESR, doesnt need agents for Sharepoint anymore like it did for 8.5.  It's included now, for free. :)  In fact, 8.5 was about $1200 + $500 for the Exchange or Sharepoint functionality.  Now it's $800 for everything, per server!  

So you should be able to backup a sharepoint server, and restore items out of the database.  Though I do not know how it works with SQL being off box on it's own servers and not on the same front-end sharepoint servers.  

BESR doesnt have the AD recovery capability like BE 12.5 or higher does.  

Thus, I see BESR as being complimentary in your case, to augment what BE cannot do well enough alone.  Plus side to you, is that you can get the BESR virtual license more than likely, which is licensed per physical host, unlimited guests.