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Best Practices SSR 2013 MS Creating Backup Policies

We have employed System Recovery 2013 R2 Management Solution as the backup/restore solution for client desktops in my organisation. And for my sins I have just inherited the day to day administration of said infrastructure product.

I was wondering if there is any information available apart from Admin guide that discusses the best way to go about creating backup policies to manage the backing up of about 800 or so pc's across the business? I would appreciate any real world case stories, what works and what to avoid in terms of assigning of polices to pc's and assigning backups across the storage destinations.

Apologies for the general fluffiness of the question but this is all very new to me.




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This may be of help !


Thanks for that, the

Thanks for that, the documentation mentions that it is possible to assign backup policies to resource groups.

How do I go about creating a resource group? Is this to do with active directory?

In addition I was wondering if there is an assign in mass policy allocation method. Such as uploading a csv file of machines against policies.


This should

This should help: