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Bogus status: "The backup destination on [...] is unavailable.

Level 4

Recently the external drive I use for backups (a USB connected Dell Expansion Drive) failed.  Today I received a replacement (same type drive).  I choose to delete the original whole drive backup job and created a new one.  I also had a file backup job but elected to simply edit it.  The SSR2013 software defaulted to the  original destination spec for both of these jobs and indicated that the target destination was not available.  So I used the browse function to select the drive and folder.  I successfully ran both jobs.  However the SSR2013 Home screen indicates Attention Needed and the subject status.  I should also add that the drive letter and drive name are unchanged.  This means I don't get that satisfying little green check on the SSR2013 icon on the toolbar.  How do I get SSR2013 to understand that all is well now?


Level 6
Employee Accredited

Go to SSR home page and select "Customize status reporting" and choose either "Error only status reporting" or "No status reporting" 

It shall give you the green light