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Buying SSR 2013 R2


Please could someone tell me how & where in the UK I can purchase Symantec System Recovery 2013 R2 Server Edition? The buy now link on the SSR product page ( just errors:

We usuallypurchase via Insight UK, but they seem to suggest SSR Server Edition is now part of Backup Exec 2014. Is this true? I don't want or need full blown BE on our server, I just need to take O/S image backups. Using BE would also mean re-writing all of our standard operating procedures when it comes to O/S backup!

Any help would be appreciated!



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Ben, I will report the


I will report the problem with that page internally. Will let you know when it's fixed.

Looks like there is an option to phone in and speak to a sales agent so that is one option available to you.

I suspect that Insight UK were referring to the SDR (Simplified Disaster Recovery) option that is available with Backup Exec 2014. It is similar to SSR in some ways but as you say, it requires you to install and use the full version of BE.

Hope this helps.

Ben, Apologies for the delay,


Apologies for the delay, I'm trying to get an answer on this for you ....

Ben, Again, sorry for the


Again, sorry for the delay.

This has been reported and will be fixed. But it looks as though it's going to take a few weeks. If you need to purchase SSR, I would suggest you do this via a reseller/partner. You can get access to the 60-day trial as well using the link below:

Any questions, just let me know.