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Can not see Public Folders when attempting to restore

I am currently trialling Backup Exec System Recovery 8 Granular Restore Option on an exchange 2007 server. Our exchange server is setup in such a way that the C drive, Exchange Databases and the Logs are on a seperate hard disk drives. My backup job protects theses three drives and runs every two hours.
When i launch the Granular Restore Option, i can see all the mailboxes in the first storage group and i can restore at the mailbox, mail folder and mail item level.
When i select second storage group, i can not see any of the public folders that exist. I have had a look online but dont seem to be able to locate any other forums with a reported similar problem.
If anyone has any ideas please let me know as this has been the easiest recovery process for mailboxes and I really want to use this over anything else i have tried if i can backup the public folders.
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Re: Can not see Public Folders when attempting to restore

There are some specific items Granular Restore Option (GRO) is not able to retrieve from your Exchange data stores at this time; what specific objects were you attempting to retrieve? A limited list of what type of items GRO is unable to retrieve can be found here:


On the system running the GRO, does the edbrestore.exe_run.log reporting any errors messages? Within the Exchange recovery point image, there is a sub-folder that is created called Backup Information, within it there is a file called Exchangebackup.EIF. Is the specific datastore in question listed in the file; do you notice anything unusual with this datastore with the one you are able to successfully open and retrieve from? Within the Windows event logs are there any errors for the V2I mount driver or MAPI calls from Outlook 2003 or 2007 when attempting to retrieve the public items?

Re: Can not see Public Folders when attempting to restore

In the edbrestore.exe_run.log the following is reported
[ERROR!!! 11:30:10:279 08-04-2007]        MapiDll::Initialize() ... failed to load 'C:\PROGRA~2\Microsoft Office\Office12\mapi32.dll' (0x7e) When i look for this file i can not locate it.
[Info     11:30:10:294 08-04-2007]        MapiDll::Initialize() ... 'C:\PROGRA~2\Microsoft Office\Office12\OLMAPI32.DLL' is loaded.
[Info     11:30:10:294 08-04-2007]        MapiDll::Initialize() is successful.
[Info     11:30:10:730 08-04-2007]        Unload 'MAPI32.DLL'
When i look in the Exchangebackup.EIF I see the following information about the storage groups and it doesnt display the path for the Database for the Second Storage Group which lives in K:\ExPublicFolders\Public Folder Database.edb however it does show the First Storage Group.
      <_caption>Second Storage Group</_caption>
      <_caption>First Storage Group</_caption>
          <_caption>Mailbox Database</_caption>
          <_filename>K:\ExDataBase\Mailbox Database.edb</_filename>
When i selcet Second Storage Group within the Granular Restore application and then review the event logs there are no errors reported.
Any other ideas.
Thank you for your assistance so far David. It is appreciated.

Re: Can not see Public Folders when attempting to restore

Granular Restore Option (GRO) uses MAPI calls from outlook to parse the information stores stored in the mounted form of the recovery point image files. If the system running the GRO console does not have that specific MAPI *.DLL file, i suggest to uninstall GRO, repair Outlook, and install GRO again.