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Can't connect to network when creating custom SRD for Dell Vostro 1520 Laptop

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My version of BESR is 2010  (Version 9)
My network card is a Realtech PCIe GBE Family Controller
My storage adapter is an 02Micro Integrated MMC/SD controller
My OS is Windows 7 - 64 bit
When I create the SRD,   there are two unusable 64 bit drivers.   One is for the storage controller,  of which I downloaded the 32 bit
version from the Dell site and it loads successfully.
The other is the Wan Miniport (IKEv2),  of which it is looking for a 32 bit version and I can't seem to find one.    I've downloaded the
32 bit driver for the Realtech card,  and it loads.    However,  when the driver starts up, I get a  "Symantec Recovery Disk Could not
get network adapters" error when I try and go in to see my IP config after booting the SRD.
Is it because I couldn't locate the 32 bit version of the Wan Miniport,   or do I need to try some other drivers?

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Same EXACT problem. Love to know how I cannot find any type of a possible solution on the entire web!
I tried just deleting that driver from the boot config on the disk. Did not work without it.
Great that I can image a disk to a network drive, but can't retrieve it from there because of a WAN mini port 32 bit driver. According to Norton's Ghost v15.
Not happy! 

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I too am having the same problem.  No network card driver that I can find seems to work!  The driver will load, but I get "Symantec Recovery Disk Could not get network adapters" when I go into IP config.  I'm not even sure if this is a Symantec problem or a driver problem...

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Same problem here with HP 8730w laptop.
This is obviously a bug with Norton Ghost 15

Does anyone know how important it is to have a network connection when you boot from your recovery disk?
I suspect that it will not affect the ability to restore from the disk but not sure.


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It is very frustrating - NG advertises the ability to do use a NAS for backup and yet it can't find the network adapter for recovery. I have spent 2 days trying different combinations, searching the web for solutions, etc after spending more than an hour on the phone with Norton tech support. I tried sending an email to Norton Tech Support and it wouldn't submit.
I had used Norton Ghost 10 - 14 for many years and been very pleased. I bought NG 15 to accommodate my new Win 7 64 bit  laptop and my new NAS. It backups great - just won't recover. You would think Norton would realize so many new machines with Win 7 are 64 bit and offer a system that addresses those needs. I am losing faith in you Norton