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Can't load agent on a desktop

Level 4
I have a PC that the agent won't load. Ther error is a message leading me to a log file on the server where the manager is running. I looked at the log but I saw no indication why the system didn't load. Ther had been another version of the software loaded on there previously . But when I changed the backup location it would error. So I decided to reload the managment agent. after that BESR will not install. I tried deletingthe computer out of managment, It still doesn't install.
I ran the removal tool I recieve from support. This didn't help either. Not sure why it own't load I have not seen this on other computers?
Any Ideas out there??


Level 3
 I do not understand clearly what you say.  Are you trying to install BESR or BESR Manager, or both on same server? Let us know your OS platform also.

Level 4
Sorry I wasn't so clear.
I tried to load the agent  part of BESRM8.0 on an XP computer. When it failed to load it directed me to a log file that I could not find. I tried to load BESR 8.0 desktop version it failed to load too. 
I tried to use the Symantec software removal tool that support gave me and it still would not load the agent. 
IThere is a  way around it that i discovered yesterday. 
By editing the registry and removing all symantec references. It loaded. That is a dirty way to to fix things but it worked. It takes forever to remove symantec from a computer manually. "Symanatec" was in about 1000 places. 
I wish there was an easier way to fix this. 

Thanks for responding   If there is a way I would really like to know in case it happens again.