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Centralize management since 21.0.3

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Hi All, 

Since 21.0.3, the integration with Symantec is end of life.
So, how can we manage all backup endpoints from a centralized management?
What is the scenario suggested by Veritas?




There have been some earlier threads in the Forum that discuss the End of Life of Veritas Management Solution and how that is being replaced with a new application;

Currently VSR 21.3 includes a component that provides Monitoring facilities, as discussed in the Monitor Readme document , but a Manager is in development, which is hoped to be included as part of the next release of VSR.    


Any clue when the next release will be?
Is there any beta yet available to test the manager?


Unfortunately there was a Beta at the end of last year, to review the features of the next release, but that has now ended. As a Partner, you may benefit by registering for CPEP to get advance notice of Beta registrations or Product Demos; The Veritas Customer and Partner Engagement Program

Although this is subject to change, but at the moment the next release may be during next month.

Are you confident that Manager will be part of the next release which might be next month? As you said if it's still in development, I will be surprised it will be part of the next release if it's really coming next month.
I've applied to the CPEP, thanks.



I think it will be a long way to go for VSR Monitor to become only nearly equivalent to VSR Management Solution. Until then we've opted for a custom build solution for monitoring and management.