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Change File system & Allocation Unit size . . .

Level 4
OK here's what it is:

I have an older "Retired" Win2K workstation with Backup Exec 6.5x installed,

I'm working on recommissioning it to a useful systems again,
part of which is including upsizing the HDDs

The C:\ is currently a 10 year old 9GB Maxtor with about 5 years of service (over 40,000 POH)

the problem I've run into is:
a> the original install is FAT32
b> if I use "convert" to NTFS it will give me 512byte clusters which is worse than 8,192Byte FAT32 clusters it now has

I need to know if I can  take an image and restore it to a new HDD / Partition using  NTFS?
a> take the image of the system as is and restore to NTFS?
b> convert to NTFS and get stuck with 512byte clusters and restore to a prepared default 4,096byte cluster NTFS partition?

Fresh install is not really an option as all of the installed programs have no installation / backup media

As BESR is doing a block level backup I think you can't do it.

Level 4
. . . it changes the allocation unit size of FAT32 volumes when using,
(x) "Resize Drive to fill unallocated space"

I have a small FAT32 Drive image with 4KB clusters that I use to make up to 1TB FAT32 data volumes which uses 32KB clusters
(1TB is the BESR Limit for FAT32 drives because it won't use the non-standard 64KB cluster)

I've never had it change the allocation unit size on NTFS
because the default 4KB cluster fills the bid up to 16TB anyway where it changes to 8KB cluster size