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Clean-Up / Old Points

I read the manual, but I don't see this situation explained (attached).

I installed SSR2013 in April of this year. I just installed SR1, so as to why I'm at 04.

My backup defination is incremental with a new base monthly, and auto-cleanup.

So the question becomes should I have any restore points from May on my destination drive? If not, what's the prefered way to delete them? They don't show up within SSR in 'Manage Destination', so do I just delete them manually with IE Explorer by clicking on that drive in Start > Computer, as I would any other file, and not even involve SSR?

Thank you

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Either you limit the number

Either you limit the number of backups in the options of the backup job or change the options in the manage backup destination-->Settings window.


Yes. Sets To Save is set at

Yes. Sets To Save is set at '1', It's not set to "save 1 full month, plus any random 5 days of the previous month; hense my question". Smiley Happy

Again, I'm just wondering, since I can't delete them through the program, do I simply just right-click > delete them on the drive itself? The manual fails to cover this scenaro, or I missed it, or they figure the solution just involves common sense.


The option in the backup job

The option in the backup job Advanced tab "Limit the number of recovery points" , if set to "1" that means it will retain only one set.

Note : it is not 1 recovery point. If the schedule is set to weekly where Mon is full backup and rest of the days is incrementals , then it will backup the set of the week and after it creates the second weeks set , it will start deleting the recovery points.

So it will not be deleting the recovery points prior creating the next weeks recovery points. It will delete the sets after creating the second weeks recovery points.


Secondly , you have to enable the option "Automatically optimize backup"

Please check the article  

Third , it also checks the disk threshold, so the threshold can be reduced according to your availability or it will try deleting the recovery points after the threshold is crossed.

Also if you are unable to delete the recovery points from the program, you do not have to delete them manully as it may then not reflect in the program once manually deleted.

I hope this helps !


Hi Tripti! I'm missing

Hi Tripti!

I'm missing something apparently. Please look at the 2 screenshots I've attached on this reply.

1)  I installed SSR2013 in April.

2)  I backup my whole system daily, incrementally, with a new base monthly. I don't do File & Folder at all. 'Sets To Save' is set at 1 in the definition.

3)  When May's new base was created successfully, it removed ALL of Aprils recovery points.

4)  However, when June rolled around, it created a new base again, and deleted May's recovery points...kind     of. It left around 6 that were from dates scattered throughout the month of May.

5) Therefor, maybe my question should be: why is April to May different, in a magical kind of way, whereas May to June is not?? 

Am I not understanding optimization correctly? Isn't the limit to...refering to File & Folder only, or do I have to fiddle with the threshold setting, even though it's set to 1 in the definition itself??

Thank you