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Convert v2i to vhd

Level 2

I have BESR and tonigh I have to P2V migrate one Microsoft SBS Server 2003 with two NIC cards. This SBS is Domain Controller and it has to be virtualized on another server with Server 2008 including Hyper-V role (which accept vhd files).

So, I will create backup (image) of phisical computer - into v2i file. Well, I've never started conversion to vhd so please I need advice to do this.

During migration, what will happen with virtual machine - it will be demoted as Domain Controller or...?

Thank you in advance

Level 0

Dear Veritas & Team,

I'm looking for a solution for Converting V2i file to VHD, as we need to deploy Veritas backup file to Hyper V, so requesting Veritas & Team and other members in this community to help me getting this done. Thanking you all in advance.

Kind Regards



Your P2V has 3 problems. 

1. Windows Server 2003

The latest System Recovery does not support Windows 2003 based OS.
You need to use System Recovery 2013 or ealier.

<System Recovery 2013 Software Compatibility List>

In addition, Windows 2003 does not have Plug&Play function and it will unable to boot on the Hyper-V VM at the first boot after P2V because the virtual SCSI drivers may not be automatically loaded.

You will need to perform the repair install on Hyper-V VM. Please see below. It is how to do the repair install of Windows 2003.

2. Domain Controller

In general, a domain controller cannot move to the other hardware because it cannot boot when the domain controller detects the difference of the hardware. If you would like to move the domain controller to the Hyper-V VM, I recommend to demote to a workgroup or a member server once and to back up the computer. After restoring the backup data to the Hyper-V VM, please promote to the domain controller.

3. End of support

Microsoft already ends the support of both Windows Server 2003 (a guest) and 2008 (a host).

I think the best way for the conversion is to restore from sv2i index file using SRD but it will not be easy due to the above 3 problems.