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Create a Recovery USB Stick only for BIOS Systems


can i only create a Recovery USB Stick for BIOS Systems?

The Windows 7 is installed in the BIOS Version. The Image is also a BIOS Version.When i boot with the Recovery USB Stick, it always boots in EFI Mode. I know, i can change in the boot manager to boot in bios mode, but i want this do.

when i forget to change the boot option then ssr says, BIOS Images cannot restore on EFI System, because the first boot is the SSR EFI USB Stick.

Can i change this?


kind regards


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Afaik, this won't be

Afaik, this won't be possible. The only way to boot in BIOS mode always would be when the SRD is created for a BIOS-only machine.

And how can i create the SRD

And how can i create the SRD only for BIOS Mode?

It will be created by default

It will be created by default if the source machine is capable of BIOS only.

Perhaps i delete after

Perhaps i delete after creating the usb recovery stick the directory EFI on the USB Stick.