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Daily Backup of One File (Outlook PST) Yields Two Folders - One With Multiple Files, One Empty?

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First, glad to be here.  DEDICATED Ghost user.  Carried RIGHT on through to Veritas.  Can't beat the reliability, and the intuitive nature of this product.  Has savved my bacon on more than one occasion.

For the first time ever I'm using the product to backup a SINGLE file each day, my Outlook PST.  Can't understand the results I'm seeing.  Please can anyone advise?

The file itself is big - around 8Gb (I know!  I need to archive.)  The results I'm getting are:

Two Folders - one with four to five files.  Another, completely empty. 


Is this normal?  Somehow I was expecting just...a copy of the file itself?  And, why is there an empty folder each time?

Second thing, the only option I'm given in selecting the created icon in the Staus window when I select the icon on any given date is... "Restore".  Questions: is the thinking there that...there are no fileS to "Explore", as it is just a single file?  So, my only given option is restore alone?

And, with the four or five files in the folder that HAS data...somehow Veritas is going to stich these back together to make my PST should I ever need to restore the file?  

And, if yes...really?  Can that work?  Somehow doing the Incremental daily backup of the whole system and having the explore option seems more viable?  Or, is it all the same under the hood?





I probably should have just pointed you to this technote:
- What are the different file types created with Veritas System Recovery backups?

however I can confirm the upgrade from 16 to 21 went smoothly and files backed up using 16 were restorable using 21.

The only pain was I kept choosing Operating Systems too new for VSR 16 (which is now getting a bit long in the tooth) and it wouldn't install. Also using a trial version doesn't help when upgrading, however I presume that won't be a problem for you, though I would advise you have your v21 license details ready.

A W E S O M E ! ! !  Thank you, PJ_B! :D :D :D