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Data Hard Disk Replacement and Recovery

I have a data hdd that has been backed up for some time now with a backup set of a weekly full image and daily incrementals. 

If the drive fails and I replace the drive with an identical new hdd (same drive letter) and recover the data to the new drive, and an Incremental backup is the next scheduled job for the drive, will that backup be an incremental or a full backup?

If it is a full backup, will SSR initiate the full backup automatically at the next scheduled incremental backup?

I am assuming that it will be a full backup since the .Vtrack info will have to be rebuilt for the new physical hdd?  Is this correct?

Also assuming that the ONLY purpose of the .Vtrack info is for tracking block/sector changes for incrementals?  Is this correct?

Thanks,  David

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Yes, a full backup will run

Yes, a full backup will run first and .vtrack is the system driver responsible for tracking changes on the volume for incremental images.