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Disabled features in System Recovery Desktop Edition on Windows Server?

Hi all

Apologies if the answer to my question is elsewhere, but I could not find a concise answer and I am new to Symantec products.

I've purchased a bunch of System Protection Suite licenses that comes with System Recovery Desktop Edition 2013.  The product information does not even talk about Desktop Edition, so I assume it falls back to SSR product info, which suggests that I can install the product to a Windows Server.

It is my understanding the installer will work because it assumes a Trial install. But after reboot I will be asked for my licence key for Desktop Edition. 

So my questions are for Windows Server:

  • Will my Desktop Edition licence key work at this point, or will it be rejected and I wasted my time? 
  • What features will be disabled if the licence is accepted? 
  • Would it be better to do a custom install and exclude those disabled features that will never be able to be used? 

I understand that I won't be able to protect my Server with the product, but other features like Agent deployment and so forth might be useful for managing the Desktops, but the full Trial makes it hard to know how it will act in production and if it is even worth installing if I have the System Recovery Monitor.

Thanks for your thoughts.



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Please refer

Please refer : 


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Desktop and Server editions

Desktop and Server editions have the same features, but Desktop Edition can't be installed on on server OS. That's the only difference.

Accepted Solution!

Please refer

Please refer : 


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Thanks TRaj, I think that

Thanks TRaj,

I think that answers my question.  That link does say "DESKTOP Version License will install only on Windows Desktop Operating Systems", so presumably the license will be rejected even though the software itself is installed on Server as trial.

Which kinda sucks, I was hoping to use the Monitor tool to it's fullest on the server (ie, to click the "view console" links in the tool, I believe you have to have the System Recovery software also installed on the host).  It's a shame Symantec can't allow the Protection Suite license to do this, since all the other packages in the suite are Server enabled.

I might rustle up a VM machine somewhere and see if the Protection Suite licence is somehow special and will let me install to Server so I can use the Monitoring tool to its maximum.

Thanks for the feedback!

FYI, I tried the licence on a

FYI, I tried the licence on a trial install under Windows 2003 Server and the licence was rejected as expected (as per )