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Dismiss old notification server and register new one

I had to replace the old server running SSR 2013 R2 management solution with a new one. Toghether with this, I also moved the SQL database from an old 2008R2 server to a new sql 2012 server. These servers when down, so I was restoring the database by extracting it from a BACKUP made with SSR2013. I didn't want to restore the full backups because I also wanted to migrate to windows 2012 r2 (from 2008r2) and to sql 2012.

To do this I followed some discussions i found in this forum.

1)Installed SQL server 2012 on SQLNEW

2)restored the database from the backup into the DATA folder of mysql server on SQLNEW

3)imported the database in sql 2012


5)started SSR 2013 install on NOTIFICATIONSERVERNEW, SIM added Symantec managements platform 7.5 SP1 automatically

6)In the install procedure I select the SQLNEW as new server, and i select to use existing database

7)I wait for the installation, the configuration takes a lot of time as expected

8)In Altiris management console on NOTIFICATIONSERVERNEW, I went to Manage->Filters->Computer Filters->All computers and removed the old dismissed servers, except NOTIFICATIONSERVEROLD that has no delete option


then i navigate to Manage->Filters->Notification Server Filters->Notification Server and Manage->Filters->Notification Server Filters->Site Server.

In the first, only NOTIFICATIONSERVEROLD is listed.


In the second, both servers are listed

QUESTION2)How can i remove NOTIFICATIONSERVEROLD from this list?

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I would recommend that you

I would recommend that you ask this question in the SMP forum as this is not an SSR specific issue/question.

Ok, should I re-post it there

Ok, should I re-post it there or you can move it?

Please repost it there (I

Please repost it there (I don't have the power to move it I'm afraid).

done! If you want close this,


If you want close this, sorry for posting in wrong place